Flattening Paged Responses with IAsyncEnumerables

I’ve recently found myself in a situation where I’m calling APIs that return a collection of items in pages. Especially when calling OData APIs (looking at you Microsoft Graph). Usually these come in the form of a response model that wraps the array of items and a continuation token, or a next link.

Building a GitHub Pages site using Hugo and Azure DevOps Pipelines

Since I built this blog using GitHub pages with Hugo, I thought I’d share the process I used to automate the build and deployments. GitHub pages can only serve static sites, so the only two options are to publish all the HTML/CSS/JS files to a branch or use a Jekyll theme (which GitHub has native support for).

Creating a Discord Bot with Docker

Ever want to make a Discord Bot and have no idea where to get started? Yeah me too. So I spent most of a night looking into making one and setting it up in a Docker container. Some people thought it was an interesting idea, so here’s a write up.

Hello World

Hello there! Welcome to my blog. I can’t believe I’m doing this, but here we are. If you think this is dumb and I didn’t need a blog, same. Someone asked my to write up a blog post about a personal project I did, so here we are.